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World Peace Meditation

by Freddy Silva


Here's to you, the fearless and courageous warrior of the spirit, fighting with weapons of love. 


The wonderful gift of the crop circles is that they serve as mirrors for humanity. The designs are as diverse as the faces of every man, woman 

and child, and whatever you                          © 2001 Lucy Pringle  

wish them to be will inevitably                                 

manifest itself to you, the viewer: do you believe they are spiritual awakenings, messages from aliens, sources of technical information, hoaxes, mischievous spirits, warnings? Tantalizingly, whatever answer you care to choose will be the correct one. That's the freedom of choice, and that freedom has been given to the human race for one purpose: to experience and to understand.

Ultimately, that understanding should lead us to the realization that although we are individuals at a physical level, on a spirit level we are one, and so whatever choice the individual makes, the consequences will inevitably return to affect the very self, even if that effect will barely be perceptible at first.

Technically speaking, the crop circles are a manifestation of natural principles - electro-magnetism, gravity, plasma (light) and ultrasound - harnessed by a benevolent intelligence which, by and large, has remained visibly inconspicuous. When such positive energy manifests, however, Universal law naturally manifests an opposite, for just as day has its night, so pure love lures hatred. As human beings we are linked to this process: brainwaves and consciousness are fundamentally waves of electro-magnetic or sound vibrations, so when changes in our mass consciousness or thought patterns occur, the consequences are bound to manifest in the world. Even in crop circles.

It is my experience that something has interfered with the flow of crop circles this season, a dark presence which masquerades itself a part of the phenomenon, and is breeding a cycle of deception and negativity. Because a part of the crop circles are a manifestation of consciousness, the introduction of this disruptive element mirrors a struggle for the control of humanity, for just as the crop circles are attempting to wake up humanity to its higher obligations, so inevitably humanity will be tested by opposing forces. I cannot think of a more apt representation of this than the two ideologies which, on September 11 (9.11, the US emergency code, by the way) clashed in downtown New York City with horrific loss of life. Time will tell if my feelings on this are true, but nevertheless it is my gut feeling and I trust my conviction enough to share what I know with the world; and much correspondence sent to me over the past three months tells me that my observations are not in the minority.

It is already proved in physics that our thoughts manifest, affect and change our reality, and right now humanity is perched on a knife edge between two possible realities: on the one hand there are those who control the power of the West who wish to see violent retribution for the atrocities committed by a handful of cowardly terrorists. Clearly, the barbarism of these individuals should not be brushed under the carpet, but what kind of world will we wake up to by choosing violence as a punishment?

Violence is the lowest vibration, the vibration of hatred, and hatred breeds hatred. There already exist enough people feeding on the concept of hatred to keep the basest form of human status quo in business for hundreds of years. Six thousand murdered Americans could potentially turn into 200 million Americans filled with hatred and the potential to murder several thousand innocent Muslims, who in turn will transform into 1 billion Muslims filled with hatred. Throw in a few weapons of mass destruction and.... no, don't imagine it, there's the potential for you to imagine the outcome. If you can imagine, you are already co-creating the next reality. That's how simply Universal Law works!

But we are human, we have the power of choice. So what other possible reality waits in the wings? The other possible reality is one based on dialogue, understanding, forgiveness and unconditional love. It is the highest vibration because it is the vibration of Divinity, of God itself. It is the vibration clothing us when we enter the world and the only one we take when our spirit departs. This is the teaching of countless avatars and other enlightened beings since the first crystallization of thought. Love is the only vibration that will redeem the human race in its endless struggle for unity with God, and on Earth this struggle is represented in the myriad of ideologies we have created in own minds. And yet, that is all they are - idea-ologies - concepts of realities which we mistake for reality itself, each as individual as the next person and all of them correct, because ultimately they are all versions of the same central truth.

And on Earth, we fight over ideologies. Except this time the potential exists for a war that will determine not what is right or wrong, but what is left. At this moment the potential for destruction is stronger than at any other period in recorded history. A wave of hatred has been allowed to encircle the Earth and it has nowhere to go except into the heads of people who choose hatred and retribution. And all the while the heart lies waiting like the largest chalice, empty, ready to be filled with compassion and unconditional love.

What you can do.

If we can just distance ourselves from recent events and images of destruction and pull back to see the bigger picture, two things emerge: one, behind every event lies the lesson, a mirror asking us to look at our selves and the direction we wish to take - are we going to further the vibration of hatred by feeding the cycle of anger and retribution, or are we going to rise above such base vibrations? Because right now, evil wants us to feel anger and hatred, it is having a banquet. And two, the victims of the attacks on America, in the bigger picture, are souls who chose to sacrifice themselves unconditionally to show us the futility of hatred. They have demonstrated that each of us sees things from different points of view, and unless we are prepared to tolerate and respect those points of view, the outcome is disastrous. Surely our biggest gift to their memory is to honour their selflessness. We can do this by working for peace - let us understand the core of this hatred and diffuse it. Let us respect each others' way of life, and that the only peace we shall ever experience is unity, and that, ultimately, unity is made of diversity not division. As difficult as it may seem, we can also consider forgiveness for the perpetrators - by their actions they reminded us of the pointlessness of hatred.

We can surround the decision-makers with our prayers and ask them to work with unconditional love, to understand of the differences which brought us to this junction, and send our intention for a peaceful settlement to those who are now considering options of war and retribution as the solution to terrorism. Power and love are opposites, and it takes a very enlightened ruler to handle power with love. I can't think of anyone on this Earth right now who fills such boots. So, focus on those who are making political, diplomatic, and military decisions on our behalf, show them that there IS an alternative, because the other option doesn't bear thinking about.

When and Where?

One other great thing about Universal Law is that focused thought and intent travel to any point on the Earth in a heartbeat, no matter where you happen to be standing. So when sending out well-intended thoughts of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love to those who work with power or terror, do so when you get up or go to sleep, when you have a coffee break or are stuck in traffic. You can also focus everyday at mid day. Just a few seconds in thought dedicated to love and compassion is all that is necessary. And don't keep watching the media, because the media today works (for the most part) to whip up a frenzy of fear , and if you don't believe me, watch how many of today's news items either arouse fear or anger in you. Fear and anger are the vibrations that hatred feeds on, so it is important you do not dwell on the negativity and remember instead the greater purpose behind these events. In fact, start now by affirming these events are not terrible, that instead they are the mirror showing you the kind of reality you DON'T wish.

If you have access to the Earth's points of energy, use them. These are sometimes referred to as ley lines. Old churches (the denomination is irrelevant), mounds, Neolithic sites and other ancient sites of veneration are all sited upon the crossroads of such energy, and they were built for the purpose of enhancing your positive thoughts, because this energy is electro-magnetic and so are you. They are points of reference, a legacy built EXACTLY for this kind of emergency in the future.


All we are saying is...Give Peace a chance

 John Lennon


If we have no peace, it is because we have 

forgotten that we belong to each other.

Mother Teresa


When I despair, I remember that all through history 

the way of truth and love have always won. 

There have been tyrants, and murderers, and 

for a time they can seem invincible, but in the 

end they always fall. Think of it...always.

Mahatma Gandhi


Enjoy Life and Take Good Care of Your Self


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