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Why Is Water So Important ?
by Alick Bartholomew


Water is the essential component of all life. It comprises 70% of the Earth's surface, 75% of

the human body, 90% of blood and sap. 97% of Earth's water is in the oceans, 2% is frozen in icecaps, 1% is fresh, but much of this is inaccessible, deep in the Earth. From what is

left, we use 98% for industrial purposes and agriculture, only 2% for the nutrition and health

of every living organism.

Water's reputation as a powerful solvent

derives from its particular electromagnetic and chemical qualities, which make it able to break

down substances into their constituent parts, and

to absorb energy vibrations. It acts like a magnetic tape, absorbing both harmful or beneficial energies;  and like a tape, this energy can be erased and new energy introduced. Naturally flowing water creates complex structures: microclusters of vibrating energy centres, constantly receiving and transmuting energy from every contact the water body makes; and laminar structures which generate energy from the interaction of the planes against each other.

Healthy water carries nutrients, minerals, dissolved salts and trace elements the building blocks of growth, and healing energies; it disposes of waste and is constantly cooling, cleansing and purifying itself. Our bodies depend on water (as blood) as a catalyst, a transport system, to maintain our correct body temperature, to supply nutrients and electrical impulses. Dehydration is a common source of illness we need to drink 1 - 2 litres of good water every day, more especially as we grow older. Tea, coffee and alcohol all dehydrate the body, therefore, if we take them we need to drink more good water to compensate.

We need to protect and care for our water our survival depends on it. As population increases and industrial growth proliferates, good water is getting perilously scarce.


What is good quality water?


In order to maintain its quality,  

water needs to behave like it does in

a natural stream, dancing and cavorting 

in spirals and vortices, or in the ground, constantly moving sinuously in capillaries or circulating within

 its storage chambers. In a youthful stream water is most active, and it has the best opportunity to self-purify, thanks to the particular properties of the vortex, which is to access energies of a higher dimension that can cancel out degenerate energies carried by pollutants.

We treat our water supplies very badly, using it mostly to dispose of wastes. We store it in reservoirs where it overheats, shattering its natural structure in turbines and generators, making it run through straight pipes that destroy its energy. Worst of all, we allow it to become contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, so we have to add chlorine; we allow agricultural chemicals, organic toxins, industrial and hospital wastes like hormones to pollute our water. 


How to Improve Water's Quality


Our tap water is dead and polluted we try to improve its often appalling quality with jug filters or by switching to bottled water. The smaller filter jugs with carbon cartridges are adequate, and remove some chlorine and heavy metals. Bottled 'spring' water is expensive and varies a lot in quality. The main problem is when it comes in soft plastic bottles; you don't know how long or at what temperature they've been stored. The water will inevitably absorb chemicals from the plastic. If you buy spring water, make sure it's in glass bottles.

The symbol H2O represents distilled water, considered chemically the purest form of water. However, it is basically immature; its nature is to extract, or attract to itself, all the substances it needs to become mature, and therefore absorbs everything within reach. Schauberger called it juvenile water, because it has no developed character or qualities. It is raw and hungry.

Distilled water is really quite dangerous if drunk continuously long-term, because it can leach out the minerals and trace elements from your body. We therefore don't recommend this form of water treatment. The Kneipp cure uses distilled water for short-term therapeutic effect, to purge the body of excessive deposits of particular substances.

Reverse osmosis filters do remove pollutants which we can do without, but they also remove typically 90% of the vital minerals and trace elements that we actually need. Taking supplementary minerals to compensate for their removal makes no sense as long as you can get them naturally in the water, and in your food.

A good carbon water filter may significantly reduce chlorine and dissolved organic pollutants, as well as bacteria and suspended solids (the plumbed in ones are the best). Some kind of ion exchange is required to deal with metals. Massive amounts of chlorine ensure that bacteria isn't a problem in public water supplies, but ultra-violet light will destroy bacteria in private supplies.

Magnets can erase the bad memory of water, but how can you restore a good memory function, so that water can fulfill its proper role of nourish organisms? To improve the vibrational energy, the quality of water, you can't beat the way Nature does it.  


The Fluoride Controversy  


Fluoride is more toxic than lead and only slightly less so than arsenic. Yet it is routinely added without their consent to the drinking water of nearly 300 million people in English-speaking countries.

This is not the naturally occurring calcium fluoride that is present in some drinking water, usually at low levels of about 0.1 ppm (parts per million). These are fluorosilicates, waste by-products of a number of industrial processes, containing a potent toxic cocktail of heavy metals, usually at 1 ppm.

Fluoridation of water supplies has been strongly opposed around the world as dangerous and undemocratic, but 5 countries still fluoridate to a large extent: Ireland 75%, Australia 66%, USA, Canada & New Zealand 50%; Britain is lagging at 10%, but the government 's policy to to require all water authorities to adopt fluoridation is likely soon to bring the UK into line. The evidence to support this is controversial and questionable. This mass fluoridation is justified for dental health, but there is no objective evidence to justify its benefits. The Scots were sensible. In a challenge to a policy to introduce water fluoridation nationally the Scottish High Court declared fluoridation to be compulsory medication and therefore unlawful as a blanket policy.

Indeed, independent evidence shows that the body accumulates levels of fluorides in the bones and certain organs, with evidence of increased risk of cancer, brain function impairment, kidney malfunction and premature ageing. At higher dosage levels, fluoride is an effective rat poison.

Fluoride is increasingly added to many processed foods, fruit juice, milk and, especially, toothpaste. It is released into food cooked in Teflon-coated cookware, so the actual intake may be significant, even if you don't live in a fluoridated area.

For reasons that are difficult to comprehend, but which are clearly political in nature, many dental and health authorities seem to support this mass medication of whole populations, and politicians seem happy to go along with it.

What can you do about this alarming public health crisis?

1. You can write to your representatives to stop the spread of this outrageous politically motivated practice.

2. You can at least inform yourself of the background and dangers of this widespread public policy.

3. If you live in an area that is fluoridated or is likely to be, you can acquire a water filter which effectively removes fluoride.




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