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Suffering Sucks

by Mark Krueger

As I have written so much in this last year, you are your consciousness and you are 

not the mind. More recently, Iíve 

reminded you that you are not your 

higher mind either. Mind is mind 

whether high or low. Mind is the 

fragmented state of Creation and it continually suggests to a being that the being is the mind and that the beingís survival depends upon the mind. This is, 

of course, ludicrous but also ubiquitous. 

All the mind ever intends is its own survival, its own existence. Iíve even gone on to suggest to you that you donít exist, that you are. Can you hear the difference in that?

The mindís business is existence and non-existence.

Everything in Creation turns on this drama hub, Bub.  Beingness, consciousness is neither created nor destroyed. Often folks recognize that consciousness cannot be destroyed but they are unconscious to their belief that it can be created. This is quite naturally so in a system called Creation and is therefore rather invisible. The implications of this unconsciousness are significant however. There is a persistent urge to create something, something with all sorts of unconsciously projected agendas pasted on that object.  This is so obvious and yet so very invisible. It leads to more, more, more searching of what canít be found out.

The only reason that I mention this is that it keeps suffering in place. Perhaps you are tired of suffering.  Thereís a funny suggestion. Usually folks will readily say they donít like to suffer nor do they like to see anyone else suffer. If they continue, they usually come to the defense of suffering and finally theyíll land on some spiritual precept about suffering which in turn deifies suffering as oneís holy duty. Could this be wholly dootie?

What I am exploring here with you is the contrast of mind and intuitive. In the hierarchical structure at any and all levels of Creation, higher implies better, more powerful, more real, more true. What I have come to see is that anything that is so-called higher, actually is more expanded; we often call it bigger. Can you feel the unconscious implications in bigger? When you come into a dense human body almost all of the other humans you encounter are bigger and they also seem to know so much more about this world and how to get what they want in it. You can see how bigger gets wired to represent better. In the same light, anything or any being beyond this dense bodied dimension also seems bigger and therefore better: God the father, Goddess the mother, etc.

The terms intuitive and higher mind are the mindís distortion around consciousness. A common concept is higher consciousness. I perceive this to be a distorted code-word for higher mind which is in service to the mindís agenda. How could consciousness be higher when consciousness simply, elementally is? What I write is intended to tweeze out the twists of mind stuff that distract you from the realization of your consciousness. Higher mind is the greatest of the knots.  The distortions of higher mind have been veiled for a long time because they protect a certain energetic commerce in Creation. This is not some paranoiac, anthropomorphic conspiracy of higher beings intending to rip off lower beings. Simply see that the higher dimensional beings, including the godhead, are unconsciously searching for their selves outside of their selves. This endless 

search is the suffering, is the mind, is the karmic wheel and it sucks.

Suffering sucks oneís realization in consciousness; it distracts oneís attention; it draws on oneís energy. The linkage of higher mind, oneís guidance, oneís guides is tapped directly and purposefully into oneís lower mind for the unconscious intention to have what the lower mind offers, i.e. human drama: the cycling expanding/contracting merry/unmerry- go-round. The human drama is food for the gods. The glory of the gods is food for the humans. Each party sucks upon the other but never realizes its true self in the process. The stories go on and on. They often seem so true but the elemental distortion in the system and its components is unconsciously overlooked. Mind is the agent in all these storied affairs. Karma is just collected stories, contracts to engage in drama, drama that endlessly distracts whether it be low drama or high drama, low mind or higher mind, lower realms or the highest realms.

Oneís higher mind is simply the conduit of this drama/glory juice between the human and the etheric beings. There is nothing wrong with it. Oh, how it is perfect. But you may be quite tired of it all.

So in these Aquarian days when energies fly by the seats of their implants, notice that the more spiritual a person is these days the more likely they are to be having a lot of dense drama in their lives. The amplitude of the waves is increasing exponentially. If you identify in the higher realms that get called spirit, youíll be on an ever increasing roller coaster ride. Again, nothing wrong with that, but it may be very tiring and also beginning to seem certainly pointless.  It is pointless; it is cyclical. The mind makes it seem to have a point, a linearity. If I do this, that and the other thing, I will go from here to there. Thatís fine and dandy but what is held in the unconscious is a grand agenda about what it means to go from here to there or what it means if from here to there doesnít work out right. If you perceive that layer, then you are perceiving the literal contracts on the karmic wheel. Seeing that, seeing through the cycling of the Wheel, only hastens oneís ripening for dissolution from the Wheel.

Change happens. Change happens so fast now that folks tend to get frozen in their tracks because the actual outcome of an action arrives before it is undertaken.  This is very disconcerting if you are identified in the mind. Usually you feel really bad, that is you feel that you are really bad. Depression/hopelessness is rife.  What else could occur in a culture that worships hope and excitation? What is more archetypal than the worship of hope and excitation in good old American capitalism and culture? The addiction to change, which is actually another definition of the karmic wheel, is now coming to a head, to a head near you, perhaps your head. Can you feel the pressure to change, to have change and simultaneously the great fear and anxiety that accompanies change? That, dear ones, is the food of the gods. I know it sounds wacky and blasphemous. If it does, then I suggest you read this again several times.  My writing reveals itself after multiple readings.

The mind holds the fractured state of suffering in place. Higher mind is a primary agent in this process and that has been veiled. Why else would revealing the shadow of higher mind feel so disturbing, so wrong? It always feels that if you would let go of identification with your mind and most certainly identification with your higher mind, that everything would fall apart.  Everything is fallen apart in Creation. There is nothing to get together, to complete, to balance, to save or escape, to stop or to get going. But the mind will relentlessly tell you that you must. It is just a big story machine that grinds distractingly in glory and gory. When you tire of it all, you can be done with it all. By the way, killing the body does not get you done with it all; it cranks you up and down the yo-yo on the Wheel.

Suicide is in the air. The problem is not the body per se. Suffering is the mind and the body is a very dense aspect of the mind. It is all hurting a lot these days. Ouch! Lonely, lonely, lonely you may feel.  Please recognize that you are only lonely for your self, for the realization of your consciousness. The body is lonely too. Let it be treated tenderly. These bodies are of the herd. Let them be snugglepusses, but realize that who you are seeks who you are. You can never find who you are outside of yourself. You can claim who you are.  Let that be your Valentine to your self every day this year.


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You are Your Own Presence

by Mark Krueger



by Mark Krueger


                                                                                                                          I have been seeing karmic patterning since I was a boy. I watched people's suffering and could see its roots. I wanted the suffering to be relieved. In 1977 I became a professional astrologer and immediately recognized that an astrological chart revealed the karmic patterning of a person, a time, an event and so forth. Ever since, I have recognized deeply that a person is not their karma, that a person is caught in identifying in their karma and that this identification is a distraction.

On January 1st, 2000 I came to realize that I am my consciousness and that everyone else is their own consciousness. I began clearing my karma. My commitment is to reveal this to others in my writing, in my speaking and in my consultations with people. 

If you resonate with what I say, come see me for a consultation. I carry messages that you wrote to yourself a long time ago. As always, I'm available for consultation by phone anywhere, anytime.

Mark Krueger

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