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Radio For Peace International


RFPI LogoRadio For Peace International's programs champion human rights and social justice issues, increase global awareness of under-reported events, promote tolerance, expose prejudice, injustice and corruption and advocate environmental awareness. 

A global media model, RFPI broadcasts globally via shortwave and the internet. It seeks to transform the landscape of independent media, providing a forum for democratic communications and a critical focus on trans-national politics. 

Short wave radio is as crucial a medium as it has ever been in this Information Age where information output, control and access are key to contemporary political struggles and where radio continues to be the prime source of information for the majority of the world’s inhabitants. Short wave signals override political and geographical boundaries and can be heard world-wide. 

All RFPI’s programs are sourced from independent producers and media activists from around the world. We are committed to continue our work in broadening the spectrum of voices available to the global community of listeners, to expanding content, input, exchange of ideas and perspectives, and to facilitating dialogue on more equal terms. 

RFPI produces in-house programs and special series and reports, many of which relate to our various campaigns. We are currently re-establishing our Spanish language programming as well as 

working towards regular programming in other languages. 

Studios and Offices of Radio For Peace International

RFPI has established itself as a center of excellence in specialist independent journalism and has trained over 300 peace journalists 

who now work all over the world. RFPI’s Institute for Progressive Communications runs courses in Peace Journalism and Progressive Media Through Radio in Costa Rica several times a year. 

RFPI specializes in the monitoring and documenting of hate radio and the use of media by extremist groups. We are committed to exposing the inflammatory nature of ‘hate-casting’ through RFPI’s Far Right Radio Review (produced and hosted by James Latham) and our Stop Hate on Radio campaign, as well as by archiving reports and hate material.  

Volunteers are the life-blood of the organization and they work with us through hands-on experience and participating in the daily activities of a center of media activism. 

Radio For Peace International (RFPI) serves as the global messenger of peace and hope to the farthest reaches of the earth.  The ultimate goal of RFPI is to create peace in hearts, homes, communities, and all nations of the world.   

In order to foster a worldwide culture of peace, RFPI transmits programs via shortwave and the Internet.  The programs champion human rights; increase global awareness; promote tolerance; inform and educate isolated populations; equip listeners to become architects of peace; expose prejudice, hatred, and injustice; celebrate diverse cultures; and advocate environmental awareness.  


  • 40 Meters 7.445 (AM mode) Output: 30 KW
  • 19 Meters 15.040 (AM mode) Output: 10 KW

For more information and to listen on the Web :  

Radio For Peace International
PO Box 75
Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica
Tel: +506-249-1821
Fax: +506-249-1095


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