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The Nizhoni School

for Global Consciousness

and The Nizhoni Peace Pavillion


“Through the grace

of the Higher Self,

children can be taught

to gather 'knowing' from

within the self and apply that knowing from a place of joy and enlightenment.

This should be the goal

of education.”

Chris Griscom


The Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness was founded in 1988

by Chris Griscom in Galisteo, New Mexico. Chris Griscom is an internationally acclaimed Spiritual Teacher and Healer. She is a world recognized visionary, the author of eleven books which have been translated into thirteen languages, and also the founder of The Light Institute of Galisteo which is also located in Galisteo, New Mexico. 


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NIZHONI SCHOOL FOR GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS provides advanced education for those who seek to lead balanced, conscious lives in a global context. Nizhoni is dedicated to the youth of the world who might discover themselves and their unique gifts through their commitment to the path of global consciousness.


NIZHONI SCHOOL FOR GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS leads the way in educational technology. From its unique curriculum to its emphasis on global consciousness and its eco-friendly campus, Nizhoni strides confidently into the future by creating an education of the heart and mind for its students, now.

Nizhoni recognizes the

impact of technology,

science, health, climate, pollution etc., on countries, communities, families and

the individual Self. We are bombarded with incredible amounts of information which are increasing at an exponential rate. As information increases so does the amount of chaos. How does one successfully navigate this vast sea of information? Nizhoni provides its students with the skills that allow them to integrate new information and participate in the emerging destiny of mankind. We are dedicated to peace in a global community - it is our commitment to our students, parents and the planet.

Nizhoni teaches that all humans are innately spiritual and that spirituality is the key to discovering our greatest gifts for ourselves and humanity. This knowing allows us to embrace all religions, all peoples thus creating new possibilities and expressions of communication and education for our communities.

Nizhoni is drug and violence free and provides organic vegetarian meals for all its students.


The world is fast becoming a global village and no where more so than at Nizhoni. Our students are from all over the world. At any given time you may hear three or four different languages. The Elementary, Middle and High School students share the campus

with the Nizhoni College of Divinity. This creates a rich and diverse experiential environment in which they can learn from each other.

Nizhoni students learn at first hand about different cultures, political and social systems of other nations; from personal stories, to studying, to surfing the internet, our students soon begin to recognize the emerging pulse of our global destiny and their role in it.


Nizhoni is drug and violence free. This focus allows our students to blossom into confident, balanced individuals in an environment that is enriching and nourishing. Parents can also be at peace knowing that their children are safe.

Our students have peers who lead, clean, creative, fearless and very importantly fun lives. Having such peers gives our students positive role models as well as the sense that they too, can make their dreams come true.


Exercises in Consciousness are weekly 1/2 hour, one on one guidance sessions for all our students. These exercises are specifically designed to address issues students face in their daily lives. Themes such as relationships, fear, self-confidence, life purpose et cetera are explored. As each student gains deeper insight into their choices, they realize that they have the ability to solve problems and create solutions to all that life places before them.


An Enriching Environment Soul Centered Education Nizhoni

leads the way in education by providing an exhilarating program that places no boundaries on what

a student knows or what they can learn. We perceive each being as

a fully developed soul, capable of sensing and applying themselves

to the intricacies and complexities

of life with a dynamic awareness that creates balance. Nizhoni created a "soul-centered" education to nourish and help manifest the potential of our students. Nizhoni teaches that all humans are innately spiritual, and that spirituality is the key to discovering our greatest gifts for ourselves and the world. At Nizhoni, spirituality is the voice of the Higher Self, the beauty of a flower, and the love of all humanity. This knowing allows us to embrace all religions and all peoples, thus creating new possibilities and expressions of communication and education for our communities and our planet.

Our goal is to further push the parameters of education by providing our students with thought provoking classes such as Peace Studies, Spirituality in Life, Leadership, and Physics and how all of these learning's tie together. A Soul Centered education naturally stimulates a student's love of learning. A strong academic focus flourishes together with an experiential approach here. Cooperative learning, environmental awareness, a respect for individuality and global consciousness are all integral aspects of our curriculum. Nizhoni is drug and violence free. This focus allows our students to blossom into confident, balanced individuals in an environment that is enriching and nourishing. Parents can also be at peace knowing that their children are safe. Our teens have peers who lead, integrated, creative, fearless and fun-filled lives. Having such peers gives our teens positive role models as well as the sense that they too, can make their dreams come true.


THE NIZHONI EXPERIENCE PROGRAM is a one-year program designed for those who are at a crossroad in their lives.

THE NIZHONI EXPERIENCE PROGRAM creates an opportunity for those who dare to speak their truth in a world where technology is in the forefront and people come second. It is for those who wish to find the solution within by walking through the veils of illusion. It is an exciting program where you will live in a community and experience the purpose of your life. Don't wait for it to happen - choose now - this time is for you!

THE NIZHONI EXPERIENCE PROGRAM will include such themes as humanity, sense of success, the healer within, communicating from the source and sexuality. Also included are seminars in consciousness, cosmology, astrology, riddles, humanity, literacy, meditation, exercises in consciousness and Soul Centering. The Nizhoni style of learning is experiential, yet challenging. It will stretch you in every way and bring joy and wonderment, revelation and confidence.


The Nature of the College of Divinity

Here is a program that dares to push the envelope in the field of spirituality. The purpose of the College of Divinity is to give the opportunity to access the potential of our own purpose, to give voice to our inner wisdom, to experience the hologram of our individuality within the context of universal family.

The College of Divinity leads the way in introducing spirituality in all areas of life, including business, politics, sports, arts and healing. With specific techniques taught at the College of Divinity, each student can then enter the world with the tremendous gift of being a spiritual teacher.

The program provides students with a broad theoretical and practical foundation in energetics, a thorough understanding of structures of consciousness as well as the exploration of the evolution of consciousness in classes such as Humanity Literacy, The Course of Riddles and Cosmology.

The core of the study ripples out from the connection each person has with their Higher Self. Through the guidance given by the Higher Self as well through other meditational techniques, the College of Divinity shapes the program to fit the growth of each person.

The time on the planet is for solutions on every level of being. The answers have always been with us - dare we reach in and grasp the true nature of our Being - that, indeed we are, the Divine, Beautiful and Here.


The Academy of the Media is a two year intensive program designed to bring together the brilliance of mind, spirit and vision into the medium of expression. The curriculum focuses on igniting consciousness and spirituality in mainstream radio, television and film.

Students learn to access the potential of visibility, performance, success, sense of self etc. to further extend themselves so that they can share their dreams to inspire and uplift humanity.


- Themes of Humanity
- Humanity Literacy
- Course in Riddles
- Cellular Memories I and II
- Broadcast and Presentation
- Voice and Sonics
- Video making
- Multi media design
- Peace studies
- Meditation Inner Journey
- Movement

Entertainment in the Twentieth Century leans towards instant gratification of the senses through emotional indulgence, repetition of themes, and a penchant for fear. The Academy of the Media presents a liberation from these stagnant attitudes about creativity and expression. Students of this academy learn how to transcend the quagmire of current trends, intellectual hypocrisy to present the world with a voice and vision that exemplifies the endless possibilities open to us.

The first year opens with the study of voice, sound and radio broadcasting. Students learn how to create, finance, budget, script and present regular programs on the air.

The second year embraces the world of film and filming. Filming techniques are dissected and regenerated to develop a deeper understanding of the influences inherent in this medium.

After the two year study cycle, students earn a Associate of Arts Degree in Media.

If you are interested in applying to this program, please see the following application information. Admission to the Academy of the Media is based upon the demonstration of a deep commitment into discovering one’s purpose and awakening the innate spiritual nature that can be expressed in daily life. Nizhoni is explicitly designed for those who are willing to work deeply on themselves so that they can lend their talents to a new world and a new species of humans.

WISH LIST for our growing Academy:

Film and/ or Video(nothing is too big or too small)

Cameras, Lights, Sound, Edit Equipement cameras, lens, film,tape,lights, stands, cables, cords, diffusion, gels, scrims, recorders, nagra, mics, etc.



The Nizhoni School For Global Consciousness

HC 75, Box 72
Galisteo NM 87540


Telephone  (505) 466 4336
Fax (505) 466 7217


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Chris Griscom 

and The Light Institute 


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The Nizhoni Pavilion Of Peace 

The Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness is asking for financial donations to build the second phase of our schoolThe Pavilion of Peace. The Nizhoni School is a non-profit organization dedicated to world peace and global consciousness. It has been supported by benefactors since 1989; however, due to current events our international board of directors has agreed to initiate an active and ambitious fund raising campaign for the purpose of immediately expanding our contributions to world peace. The Pavilion of Peace will allow The Nizhoni School to accommodate large international groups and greater numbers of students who will be able to participate in our peace programs and return what they have learned to their daily lives and environments around the world. Our goal is to pour the foundation and begin building the Pavilion of Peace by this November, 2002. The total cost of the building will be 1.5 million dollars. To begin construction will cost fifty thousand dollars. We will build throughout the winter as donations are received.

We realize that these are tenuous times, financially and globally, yet we are moving forward to create a future of peacea future worthy of humankind. Your help is deeply appreciated by The Nizhoni School and we would very much appreciate your passing this information to others. All donations are tax deductible and will be greeted by a letter for tax purposes.

We at The Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness support that as a nation and world it is imperative we invest our energies in the amplification of peace. Please help us to expand our contributions to peace and to the planet.

From all of us at Nizhoni, we sincerely thank you and send you our heartfelt gratitude.

Donations may be sent to:

The Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness
c/o The Pavilion of Peace
HC 75, Box 72
Galisteo, New Mexico 87540


For more information on the Pavilion of Peace and The Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness, please write to Allison Ragle at or phone 505-466-4918.



The Pavilion of Peace will be a multi-purpose building, designed to accommodate community gatherings as well as international peace groups and students studying at the Nizhoni Academy of Peace. It will also be utilized by groups from local and international businesses who will participate in the creation of specialized peace programs specific to their area of business, contributing to the consciousness of peace in the global market place. The Pavilion of Peace will include a stage/cafeteria area as well as an amphitheater for various ongoing events. The cafeteria, kitchen, laundry, baths, and classrooms will be utilized by all students and visiting groups. Also included will be a media room that will house a sound stage and studio, which will be used by the Nizhoni Academy of the Media. This building of peace will generate funds for future peace projects and programs.


The Wellness Goods Company encourages

your support of The Nizhoni Peace Pavillion.


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