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Keepers of the Waters



Empowering People to Know Their Water :

Creating Powerful Places that Care for Water



“Water is the foundation of life, the connective might of the universe. Therefore sustaining the water systems must be the foundation of planning and development.” - Betsy Damon


The mission of Keepers of the Waters is to inspire and promote projects that combine art, science and community involvement to restore, preserve and remediate water sources.

Keepers is at the vanguard of integrated

approaches to a vast complexity of water issues through collaborative innovative design, community organizing, mentoring, educating, providing workshops, and functioning as a cross cultural resource.

Who We Are

Keepers of the Waters is directed by environmental artist Betsy Damon. She has an MFA from Columbia University and has been an internationally known performance and installation artist. In 1985, while making a paper cast of a dry stone riverbed in Castle Valley, Utah, she decided to devote the rest of her artistic life to water. She founded Keepers of the Waters in 1991 in Minnesota, USA with the support of the Hubert Humphrey Institute.

The Living Water Garden, which she designed with landscape designer Margie Ruddick, the Chengdu Landscape Bureau and many Chinese artists and designers, won the 1998 Top Honor Award from the

Waterfront Center in Washington, D.C., and an award from the Environmental Design and Research Association. The park was one of the reasons for the UN Habitat Best Model Cities Award that went to Chengdu.

Ms. Damon has worked for the Beijing Water Bureau designing restoration and remediation systems for rivers and wetlands, and works with community groups and cities to restore and reveal the essence of water. Betsy

Damon is available for lectures, consultations, grassroots development, workshops and design charrettes. Betsy Damon's resume is available here.

For further information about Keepers of the Waters, back issues of our newsletter, support materials, videos, and slide documentation about Betsy Damon's work, contact Lonnie Feather. Keepers of the Waters Online Network is administered and edited by Lonnie Feather, an artist, working in Portland, Oregon, USA. Her art can be seen at

What We Do

Keepers of the Waters is a U.S.-based non profit organization that serves as an international communications network for people actively engaged in projects that transform our relationship to water. Our mission is to inspire and promote projects that restore, preserve and remediate water sources using a combination of art, science, and community involvement.

Science is the base of information

that people need to understand the issue; Art is the means of communication and inspiration; Community involvement brings in all those who wish to restore and preserve water quality. Blending these disciplines helps to make the natural process of water treatment both visible and integrated into daily life and culture.

Global water quality is dependent on each community having a sustainable water source that they know about and are responsible for. Cities all over the planet can be filled with vibrant, water and art-filled community centers, parks, schoolyards businesses and backyards that help people become intimately connected to their water sources. These projects will lead the way for fully sustainable water infrastructures, visible and integrated into our everyday lives, rather than hidden under the ground.

When people join together to solve a problem they do better than if they tried to solve it alone. Through water, we are interconnected and related to all other living things. Like water, we are one giant family, always seeking to join one another.

Betsy Damon, founder and director,

has developed a series of resources to help

you Start Your Own Living Water Project.



How to Contact Us

Betsy Damon, can be reached by phone at 917-977-1411

For Information about Keepers of the Waters, please

contact Lonnie Feather at 503-234-6642



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