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You Are Your Own Presence

by Mark Krueger


You are your own being, your own presence, your own consciousness. Presence is not a substance or an 

ether. It is not collective, nor attainable, 

nor is it an it that could be lost. If you

listen to people and Teachers, they

speak of Presence. They speak of Consciousness. These are projections

of one’s own presence, of one’s own consciousness refracted by the

distortions of the mind. 


The mind is everything of Creation: the spiritual realms and the material realms, body and soul, heaven and earth. 


The mind is a game program that splits you from your own being and that has you chase after Being, The Being, The Higher Being and so forth. This game is suffering. God or gold, glory or purity…… they never dissolve this suffering. They can change it, alchemize it, enlighten it, upgrade it but… you are still stuck in the loop of karma, of changing water into wine while thirsty.


You have a choice. You can choose your own consciousness, your own being, your own presence as who you are. The peace, delight and freedom of your own being are thereby realized and will never come and go. If you identify in the game of seeking who you are, of attaining what you have lost, or of even getting the All of a dream that never has been you…..  then all you  will ever get is suffering realized and the long, lonely path of the mind.


Claim your own consciousness directly. If that resonates with you, but you don’t know how to go about that, I can help you. It’s what I’ve chosen. It’s simple and it’s no big deal. You won’t miss the old Way. You will be noticeably more present than you have ever been and in turn others will be much more present with you. That’s fun, even in a field of suffering.


Often folks are distracted by Presence as something to do with time. You’ve got to Be Here Now and get the Power of Now and Be in the Moment. All of that is lovely in its own way but it keeps you identified in the Dream. Just be. The here and now have nothing to do with your own being and presence. Now and here don’t exactly exist as you may think. By the time you get to now, it already passed/past. The moment is a focal point in a movie that is not you and you are not actually in it. Here, likewise, is not what you think it is. The mind simply wants to think you, to think you into thinking that you are the very projections of a here and now that always are there and then and you’ve got to keep on doing something to get Presence.


Are you tired yet? The gerbil wheel of karma, be it the cycles of the incarnate or the disincarnate or the whole existentialada, leads you on alright….. while thinking you are all wrong on the way to getting it alright. The meaninglessness of the Wheel begets greatly protected and glorified meanings and beliefs. Their offspring are cosmology and dogma and all the inherent to-do lists. You have a choice to clear your identification in the eternal, infernal, loopy infinity and all of its endless stories of chasing after the projections of your own presence in the kaleidoscope of Creation.


Realize your own being. You’ll unwrap your presence and enjoy your wonderful self. 



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by Mark Krueger


Suffering Sucks

by Mark Krueger

                                                                                                                          I have been seeing karmic patterning since I was a boy. I watched people's suffering and could see its roots. I wanted the suffering to be relieved. In 1977 I became a professional astrologer and immediately recognized that an astrological chart revealed the karmic patterning of a person, a time, an event and so forth. Ever since, I have recognized deeply that a person is not their karma, that a person is caught in identifying in their karma and that this identification is a distraction.

On January 1st, 2000 I came to realize that I am my consciousness and that everyone else is their own consciousness. I began clearing my karma. My commitment is to reveal this to others in my writing, in my speaking and in my consultations with people. 

If you resonate with what I say, come see me for a consultation. I carry messages that you wrote to yourself a long time ago. As always, I'm available for consultation by phone anywhere, anytime.

Mark Krueger

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