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Nurturing the Soul : 

Sing a Song with Baby


by Mary Thienes- Schunemann

“Singing weaves connections between body, soul, mind and spirit…” 

Our voice is our first and primary connection with our children. The baby in utero begins forming their ears already at three to four weeks.

In the mothers’ watery home, the vibration of voices and sounds rock and resound through her growing, developing body. In this way we help to form the structure and architecture of the baby’s physical body. 

After birth, a baby is like one great listening ear. She listens with her whole body. As she grows, the voices of those around her become deep conveyors of love, warmth and connection. Through our voices, our support, and encouragement can resound through our children and become a healing balm for them.           

In their first two years of life, children are able to babble all the sounds that exist on the planet. We allow our child great joy by encouraging her to utilize her full vocal potential for as long as possible. We can also have fun imitating her at this age. When she reaches the age of one and a half to two, she will focus more and more on the language spoken around her and begin to imitate it more and more. It is through our human interactions that singing, speech and laughter begin. 

Nurturing gestures coupled with song, give a child a sense of well-being and influence the development of the brain., as well as the function and form of his inner organs. They can help him regulate his balance, his blood pressure, his body temperature, his appetite, his cardio-vascular system, his sleep and his immune system. Responsive interactions between baby and caregiver can encourage him to develop initiative and self-confidence in building and maintaining healthy and meaningful relationships with others. 

Let us sing with our wee ones to create a hopeful, joyful, peace filled future !  


Mary Thienes Schunemann has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, a musical instructor for LifeWays childcare trainings, is a Waldorf Teacher, music educator, singer, composer, inspired mother and homemaker! She teaches singing workshops around the country, and gives private music lessons in her home in southeastern Wisconsin. She is the president of the Rafael Foundation for New Impulses in Music, and is the director of the women's vocal ensemble Avalon a cappella. She works out of the principles of the School of Uncovering the Voice, and has studied singing extensively in Europe and America since 1989. 

Reprinted by Permission 

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