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Meditation, Healing 

and Homeopathy

by Tom Pritscher

What is the cause and origin

of all our suffering and "dis-ease?" What is the basic problem? What needs healing? 


In Plato's Republic, an allegory defines the basic problem and implies the solution. It goes something like this: A person

is sitting in a cave, facing the 

  © Tom Pritscher

back wall. Shadows of objects passing before the entrance of the cave are seen on the back wall. The problem is that the shadows are thought to be the sum total all of reality!

Shadows seen are our perception process. The mind interprets perception into thinking that the shadows are reality and not just shadows. The problem is separation, in being lost in what our minds have made up about reality. If our problem is separation, the solution is joining, the going beyond duality. How do you join or go beyond duality? In meditation, on a spiritual level, you go beyond what the mind makes up about things and become aware of what is really happening. You turn around and look into the light. You activate your light body. 

Spiritual principals found in meditation are also found in homeopathy and our intrinsic molecular biology (including DNA). Meditation begins with the amplification of attention into increased awareness. The starting formula is: Effortless attention increases awareness. When thoughts, emotions or sensations arise in the mind, the basic instruction is not to resist them. Don't give them any energy. Be totally with what you are doing. This not resisting, is the next principle: What you defend against, you make real. In the Bible it is stated as "Resist not evil." 

Most experts agree that the basis of homeopathy is that like cures like; that the cure for symptomolgy is to prescribe  what most closely resembles the symptoms of the sick person. From a meditative perspective, this is an amplification of the symptoms. A heightened body awareness helps bring about the healing process. This is independent of your mind actively becoming involved in the process. The going beyond the limited, conditioned mind, amplifies awareness and initiates the healing process in the body. Symptoms are the body's attempt to heal itself. The homeopathic principle of "similars" is a principle of joining through increased awareness. The mind/body connection needs spirit to heal. In contrast, allopathy (traditional medicine) usually gives an antidote and defends against, attacks, or resists the symptoms. 

Symptoms are crying out to be self liberated. By fully experiencing the symptoms as blockages, at ever earlier stages of development (increasing awareness of them) and making no judgment of them (not defending against them) symptoms self liberate by awareness embracing  them fully. Through all appearance  is Presence. With greater awareness and clarity, you begin to realize what is really happening and what your mind is making up about what is happening.  Problems surface in each of the five basic levels: matter, body, mind, soul as separation from spirit. (Spirit does not have levels; it just is.) Each level is complete in itself and encompasses the preceding level. Body encompasses matter, mind encompasses body, soul encompasses mind and spirit encompasses everything. Each of these levels has a meditation and a practice for that level. 

To do meditation on the spiritual level requires a going beyond the previous level. Soul is the higher or deeper level of mind. It is still mind. To go beyond body/mind/soul is to go beyond thought and concept.  Beyond thought and concept is what I call Presence. Presence  is your spiritual essence.  It is who you really are, your true Self,  and it is first experienced  as greater  awareness and clarity. Practicing the Presence is a process of bringing ever greater amounts of Presence  into everything and every moment. 

Homeopathic medicines amplify subtle body signals and the healing process begins. It is like increasing the light so the shadows dissolve. Illness is a separate  energy in the body and tries to maintain its separation/disintegration from the overall wholeness and health. On a mental/psychological level the separate  energies in the mind, accumulates and takes on a reality of their own. This separate  energy obscures  who you really are--your true nature. 

The introduction of homeopathic medicine (like cures like) raises body awareness and joining (health) can occur. This like cures like, in what I call Practicing the Presence,  is the amplification of whatever arises in the mind, with greater awareness and fully experiencing the obscuration.  Then the obscuration no longer obscures. In some way it becomes  a teacher to you. (Whereas if you did not experience  the obscuration or dis-ease with awareness, in some way, it is experiencing, controlling you.) You may be giving it energy, making it seem more real, and not know it. This process of like cures like and fully experiencing the blockages  or obscurations is akin to a great spiritual teaching (that is rarely practiced  in the world) of loving your enemy. Love joins. 

Separation (disintegration) first occurs on an energy level, then in the mind and is then reflected/projected  into the body.  Increasing awareness sets  the healing process in motion. When awareness reaches a certain level, you begin to realize that what you thought was real is made up (interpreted) by your mind. On the level of Spirit, there is no separation. That is why Practicing the Presence, a part of Somatic Meditation Therapy, is so important for healing. It is the real healing. 

The problem is separation in the mind, projected onto the body. The solution requires a going beyond the mind, into Spirit, pure Presence, and to bring that joining, that union, that awareness into soul, mind, body and matter. The Olfactory Meditation that I teach, directly works with our molecular biology and energy levels. What I am talking about is beyond the realm of science as we know it today. You can, through this method learn how to heal yourself! This is the beginning of the Inner Alchemy taught by Tom Pritscher. You learn to work on an energy level beyond thought and concept.  

Here is a short overview of the Olfactory Meditation:

Everything happens first on an energy level, and then the mind/body makes up, interprets, how we think or experience it to be. The olfactory sense is the sense of smell. It is a core sense. What I mean by that is, is that the olfactory sense deeply influences every system and area of the body/mind (including the DNA) and does not have many links to language centers in the brain. This is great because it just is, without your mind chatter getting in the way. That is both good news and bad news. 

For every level of consciousness , every state of mind, there is an energy that we emit. This goes on all the time in everybody. For example, someone angry emits an angry energy. One of the energies emitted is an olfactory molecule that corresponds to your state of mind/level of consciousness. This subtle molecular biological energy is breathed in and stimulates receptors in the olfactory bulb, which supports that state in your body/mind. (The mind and the body are one continuum to me.) 

The Eye Movement and Breath Meditation (founded and developed by Tom Pritscher) amongst all the other wonderful things it does, opens up olfactory receptor sites that support deep  levels of consciousness. Everybody has access to lesser levels of consciousness receptor sites, (happiness, anger, fear etc.) but few have access  to the greater, deeper, levels of consciousness receptor sites. (The words higher, lower, greater, lesser, deeper  etc. are inadequate.  See bubble analogy below.) I do make a big distinction between awareness and consciousness. There are many levels of consciousness, but awareness is. Another article will address this directly.  

When these subtler receptor sites are opened and you are at a deep level of consciousness, the olfactory molecules you emit are breathed  in and activate more receptor sites, generating more olfactory molecular energy, which are breathed  in to generate in more energy, etc. 

The Practicing the Presence and the Olfactory Meditation  are beyond meditation. They both go on all the time, spontaneously, in every moment.  You be it; you do not do it.  Ironically, because of the obscurations, which seem real, most of us need to learn some techniques, so we can go beyond the techniques. 

Somatic Meditation Therapy:

Everything that arises in the mind is like a bubble arising from the bottom of the ocean.  Where the bubble  bursts and goes bloop at the surface of the ocean, is where you are conscious of whatever it is that is arising (thoughts, emotion, perception etc.). 

Meditation deepens our level of consciousness, where we have greater awareness (smaller bubble, closer to the source). With this greater awareness we experience whatever it is that is arising with greater clarity. As opposed to, where the bubble is real big, it experiences you. It experiencing you means reacting to the situation. The bubble  is controlling you. The bigger  the bubble,  the more energy you have given to what the mind has made up, making it seem ever more real.  It has you now. You begin to believe that what the mind has made up is real. 

When lost in this made up reality, you are separate  from your true nature (source, origin, essence, Presence). Separation is the problem. Joining is the solution. Of course there really is no separation. What is made up, is made up. Like being in a dream. When in the dream, the dream seems real. When you wake up from the dream, you know it was a dream. 

Suffering is separation, being lost in the dream. When we are reacting to what the mind has made up, we call it stress. We can learn how to recover from stress. Then the stress can become  our teacher.  Recovering from stress makes us strong.  

Another way of talking about this being lost in the big bubble,  stressed out, is being stuck in the reptilian brain, in the fight or flight response.  We start with the Eye Movement and Breath Meditation. This immediately gets us out of being stuck in the reptilian brain. We access  the whole brain. Then we go on to the listening part of the meditation, where the duality of listener and listened to fall away. You become the listening.  In doing this we also learn how to amplify whole brain activity into the temporal lobes. Then we learn how so shift the amplified temporal lobe energy to the frontal lobes and be in that pure presence in the form of light. By this time we have begun the Olfactory Meditation and Practicing the Presence.   

The working with the body mind in this in relation to healing, I call Somatic Meditation Therapy. In learning how to heal yourself, when working on the deeper levels, there is no difference between healing a small cut on your hand and healing cancer. Your DNA has all the information and enzymes it needs  to replace and repair the damage.   Why is it that your body/mind does not always heal itself? You can learn how to heal yourself. The key is learning how to get the “You” out of the way and allow the Presence  to do the healing. The Olfactory meditation, when learned how to do it on a very deep level, in a certain way, plays a major role. This is what I teach in my classes. 

Twenty second century medical practice may be based on this molecular biological Olfactory Meditation. Go ahead laugh. They probably laughed at the gal who invented the wheel. 



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  Tom Pritscher is an Internationally known spiritual teacher, 

  alchemist, meditation master, counselor, author, lecturer, 

  and multimedia artist. He has enjoyed teaching meditation in

  India, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Tom is

  author of the book, Practicing the Presence-A Course in

  Meditation  and offers a five video cassette series, Beyond

  Meditation-Real Healing  and his Awakening the Alchemist   

  Within  video series. In 1961, at the age of 18, Tom had a profound spiritual  

  awakening  that  totally changed his life.  Since that time he has dedicated his life

  to the study, practice and teaching of meditation and the deeper spiritual work.



Enjoy Life and Take Good Care of Your Self


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