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Water: Essential for Existence

by Dan Stewart and Denise Routledge

Society is rapidly becoming more health conscious. Many people now pay more attention to what they put into their bodies: sales of vitamins, herbs and organic foods are steadily growing. Yet water, which is essential to all living beings, is often ignored or treated mainly with filtration systems. Water is the very foundation of all life on Earth. Water is the lifeblood of our planet, the life giving fluid in all organisms, plants, animals and humans. Our very existence is intimately connected with the quality of water available to us.

"Twenty five percent of the human body is solid matter and 75 percent is water states F. Batmanghelidj, MD, author of 'Your Body's Many Cries For Water'. "The brain is said to be 85 percent water." Human blood is 90% water, muscles are 75% water, the liver is 82% water and our bones are 22% water.1 Every part of the human body is dependent on water. If our glands and organs are not nourished with good, clean water, their functions begin to deteriorate. It is vital that we should become concerned not only for the health, vitality and quality of the water we drink, but also for its original source and the treatment it receives. If water quality and vitality is so important to us, why do we continually add chemicals and toxins to it?

Modern technology is rapidly destroying water's life-giving capacities. Increased population, industrial wastes and agricultural chemicals are contaminating our water sources. Examples can be found in chemical spills, land fills, excessive herbicide and pesticide sprays, chemical dumps and nitrate fertilizer run off that affect our lakes, underground aquifers, and rivers. Time Magazine reports "over 4000 chemicals have already been found in drinking water. All levels of government have been slow to act. Meanwhile, more and more chemicals are showing up in the water supply of America's cities and towns." Each year in the U.S., 18 billion pounds of pollutants and chemicals are released by industry into the atmosphere, soil and groundwater. Of the thousands of chemicals found in the water, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets safety levels for only 60. Even with only these 60 standards, the EPA reports almost 1/2 of all municipal water supplies in the U.S. annually violate Federal health standards. In recent years, serious violations have affected over 120 million people. Wells are not much better, with 2/3 of them in violation of at least one of the Safe Drinking Water Act standards. The sorry condition of water in the U.S. is reflected in the recent remark by President Clinton that 40% of American waterways are unfit to swim in and in fact will not support life.

Naturalist Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) anticipated this problem in the 1940's and in fact tried to warn governments and those in power. Schauberger is known as the father of water observation. He began his work with natural energies by observing cold, pure mountain streams. He states "As a rule, chlorination is deemed satisfactory to obtain clear, pure and germ free water."

"There is hardly a city where water is not disinfected or sterilized through the addition of chlorine, compounds of silver or irradiation with quartz lamps," Schauberger continues. "If water thus treated is drunk continually then the very same processes that we wish to achieve through water sterilization must also take place in our bodies. Frightful consequences can ensue from the constant consumption of such water. When sterilization only is taken into account, there arise the various forms of the disease we collectively call cancer.." Richard C. Sweeting, MD expands "When [chlorine] comes in contact with organic material, whether dissolved in water or in the contents of the intestines, many diverse halgoenated compounds are formed." Dr. Joseph M. Price feels "chlorine is the greater crippler and killer of modern times. It is an insidious poison. Most medical researchers were led to believe it was safe, but we are now learning the hard way that all the time we thought we were preventing an epidemic of one disease, we were creating another." Callum Coats, author of Living Energies, states: "Present methods of water treatment kill water,...[which] ultimately destroys those organisms constantly forced to drink it. We therefore actually sterilize our blood when we drink chlorinated water, thereby readying ourselves for the onset of disease."

Callum Coats also feels strongly about fluoridation in our water, with consequences as dire for health as chlorination. Unfortunately, the use of fluoridation is almost as widespread as the use of chlorine.

Although calcium fluoride has been found in some ground water and studies have shown calcium fluoride to be beneficial in preventing tooth decay it is sodium fluoride which is added to our drinking water. Sodium fluoride is a toxic derivative created by aluminum smelting. 2 "But what to do with this growing pile of could not merely be flushed into rivers or used in agriculture because it kills livestock, wildlife, fish and crops..... How and why sodium fluoride ever found its way into toothpaste is a mystery. Perhaps some mistaken bureaucrat thought it had the same beneficial effect as calcium fluoride and required its addition to drinking water. In a recent New Jersey Department of Health study, fluoridation has been linked to a rare form of bone cancer known as osteosarcoma" states Callum Coats.

Municipalities are slowly coming to question the addition of fluoride in our water supplies. The city council of Calgary, Alberta has just (April/98) received a study by university professors who are recommending a 30% reduction in the fluoride added to the water. In many municipalities where fluoride is not added to our drinking water, the topic is regularly debated and people are routinely asked to vote on the issue. Could the pressure for fluoridation be from the lobby force of the large chemical companies?

The Canadian Health Department in a Canadian press release states that "the water purification process used in Canadian cities since the turn of the century should be improved to eliminate the growing risk of cancer linked to chloroform (Edm. Journal, May 7/92). A 1992 government report on the state of Canada's environment indicates that Canada's fresh water is under stress from coast to coast and its deterioration is a major human health concern (Edm. Journal Apr 9/92). Despite these considerations, many people give scant attention to our water. Society expects 'clean' water to be consistently available out of our taps. Our water, 'chemicalized' with chlorine and fluoride, is accepted without a second thought as being best for us. Even our physicians will often recommend 8 glasses of water per day. Our water is thought of as safe and clean to drink.

Yet, the health and vitality of our water involves even more than removing the physical contaminants. Water itself is an information carrier and this information directly affects our health. One of the earliest pioneers in this area of research is Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Known today as the father of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann felt that disease was an alteration of information that occurs in the highest level. In 1796 he discovered principles of homeopathy which are now known as "law of similiars". Hahnemann believed that diluted dosages of remedies are effective as long as matched to the illness. Development and acceptance of homeopathy is based on the fact that water is a carrier of information.

Dr. Klaus Kronenberg (California State Polytechnic University) says, "Water is chemically neutral, but it is one of the best solvents known to man. It has the ability to entrap other substances. In other words, water tends to cluster around every non-water particle, forming conglomerations or complexes. Thelma MacAdam, Chair, Health Action Network Society states "water's open structure and its ability to combine with almost every thing it comes in contact with allows it to comply with other elements and dissolve them."

Wolfgang Ludwig, physicist and advisor to World Research Foundation goes into detail by saying that water possesses the faculty to store information and that has been impressed upon it previously on a given frequency level and to transfer such information to other systems. He states that contaminated water can be purified chemically and freed of bacteria, but it will still possess electromagnetic oscillations in certain wavelengths: these can be traced precisely to the contaminants. Therefore, even after purification, water contains certain signals that can be detrimental to the health. Yes, water has memory.

Grander further explains: "A water once impaired by heavy metals, nitrate, etc., remains harmful even after a thorough processing (by chemicals or filtration), because vibrations, information, that have once been stored are preserved." The memory of water has also been researched by Professor Jacques Benveniste (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research of the University of Paris). He has conducted several experiments to confirm this. The experiments and research constituted studying the effects of repeated dilutions of substances in distilled water. Theoretical Physicist Lynn Trainer of University of Toronto carried out parallel experiments and felt that these reactions may be the result of a 'physical' memory left in the water.3

Dr. Horst Felsch, officially a authorized legal authority for environmental protection: "There is no doubt that a relationship between information and health exists."

"According to tests made by Engler and Kokoschinegg in 1988 water has a structural memory and a structural variability, and because of this it can store acquired information over a long period of time and hand it over to the body" continues Felsch. There is strong support for the two concepts 'water is a carrier of information' and 'water has memory.' The third concept "erasing information' is also well documented. In order to understand erasing the information; let us first take a closer look at how we treat our water and how it is tied to the energy of water.

Hans Kronberger, author of "On The Track of Water's Secret," states: "Injuries to nature begin in small ways; for example, tap water that is supplied to consumers via conventional pipe lines. According to naturalists, water loses its original energy through friction in the pipes and straight line of was not a coincidence that Romans built long, open air water transport systems with winding construction, using natural materials: wood and natural stone."

"In normal conditions," Grander maintains, "Water flows either on the surface of the earth or deep underground, always seeking a natural course. In our water supply system, however, the water is collected and forced through pipelines under pressure. At this stage the water suffers a serious aggression for the first time. The high pressures...are highly detrimental to the liquid. The water is then further contaminated by the addition of powerful chemicals such as chlorine. However we use it, the water eventually finds its way back to nature through the drains. We collect clean water from nature and return it soiled and sick."

"Most of the people today have lost every bit of knowledge about what really happens in nature," states Austrian inventor and naturalist Johann Grander. "That is why I wish people themselves would start to think about the processes of nature again and through this learn to respect nature again." Grander feels this knowledge has been lost "because in times of constant economic growth and constant technical progress people try to convince us that scientific research offers solutions that make observation of the laws of nature superfluous."

After decades of research Johann Grander has succeeded in imprinting natural and Universal energies back into our water. Implosion is a key point in the science of revitalizing of water, or the erasing of information. But what is implosion? Quite simply, it is the opposite of explosion. "All of our contemporary technologies and the supply of energy are based on explosion, on 'expansion' by generating heat by burning raw or refined materials," states Hans Kronberger, author, On The Track of Water's Secret. " Explosion and expansion are centrifugal forces, while implosion works inward, or centripetally. Implosion concentrates its force into the center, where it then becomes the strongest." Nature carries this system out to perfection. We can observe these processes in motions that take place in nature.

Society's current system of confining water to miles and miles of pipes is in direct contradiction to Schauberger's theories. How can the high positive energy of nature's water be maintained when water is confined to restrictive systems. Grander has studied the effects nature has on water for many years. "Water needs freedom," he states. "Living water seeks out its source of energy itself. It flows over the earth, inside the earth and makes long loops."

He claims that, "Not until we have recognized the perfect interplay and the mutual dependence of the four elements -- earth, water, air and fire...can we imagine how destructive our interference with nature is and how much it disturbs the balance and order of things."

Water is the most essential element of life. It provides all life, whether plant, animal or human, with the essential energies of life. But where does water get these energies from? The properties of water are perpetually changing. Naturalists have found that water transports energy and information of immense proportions. In nature, bodies of water that are left undisturbed by man turn within themselves, wind, bend and bubble, froth and foam, spiral and cascade. These untouched waters have the striking ability to rejuvenate waste that is added to it, and the water is revitalized. Water absorbs energy. Water carries energy. Water emits energy.

Olaf Alexandersson, author of "Living Water," shows how Viktor Schauberger also believed this. Schauberger studied water and its curves and built log flumes to best utilize the twists of nature. Schauberger 's theories are based on the movement of water. In nature, water continually is moving: constantly swaying from side to side, bending and curving, spiraling, flowing over rocks and stones. >From these actions, a strong renewal occurs.

Johann Grander's work has evolved around three main principles: 1) water is a carrier of information, 2) water has memory and 3) negative information can be erased. Johann Grander has developed a process which is able to renew the structure of water. His research has led him to encase an electromagnetically enhanced concentrate, which renews natures' own high energy vibrations to the structure of the water.

The Grander process changes the polarity from negative to positive during the process of dynamic implosion. Negative polarity is changed to positive and the amount of dissolved oxygen is increased. This allows harmful compounds to pass harmlessly through our bodies. The ordinary tap water transforms to resemble water found in a true mountain spring.. Dr. Horst Felsch examined the Grander water for contents such as bacteria and nitrates to guarantee the water met the stringent standards set by Tyrolean laws. Originally, Dr. Felsch could not make any sense of 'revitalized water' so he concentrated on the hygiene. He very quickly became curious. The logical question for the natural scientist was "does Grander water have a different energetic structure than normal drinking water, and if so, can it be proven. "I think I was the first one to take a serious look at the microbiology of Grander water. I carried out routine germ count tests to check the qua a reduction of viscosity, the dissolution of harmful molecules and the like. And it is also highly surprising that the energetic state of the activated liquid is preserved, i.e., it does not ease off." Felsch's study also included a germ count using the membrane filter method (diameter 45 millimeters). In any normal water sample, the microorganisms (bacteria) are distributed unsymmetrically and chaotically on the membrane filter. In Grander's revitalized water, the microorganisms depart from their chance distribution and line up symmetrically.

Grander says that the process of re-energizing water is simply following the laws of nature. He says: "The fact that to so many people it seems to be a secret indicates how far science has already digressed from nature." Science, however, completely overlooks the fact that water -- as a life carrier -- is itself alive and needs to be kept in this condition if it is to fulfill its naturally ordained function.

The origin of life is water. Water is life. Immediate attention is required to rectify the problems we have created through carelessness, pollution and modernization techniques. Revitalizing water is the solution to these concerns. Through revitalization our water returns to the state that nature intended: clean, clear and complete with the vital energies created by Mother Nature.

Our very existence depends on it.


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originally published in Explore Issue: Volume 8, Number 5




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