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by Mark Krueger


Primordially when your consciousness came into form, 

you shattered into an infinite array 

of fragments. This fragmented 

state is Creation: all the universes, 

all the dimensions, all the bits and beings, all chasing other bits and beings seeking their self outside 

of their self. This endless seeking outside of one self for one's self is suffering. This suffering is the karmic 

wheel. The mind is the stuff of all these bits ceaselessly attracting and repelling, doing the karmic dance with other bits and beings. The mind is everything that is Creation, be it densely physical or expansively etheric. You are your consciousness; you are not the mind; you are not your mind. You are. The mind is the pretender.


The mind endlessly cooks up stories by fragmenting whatever it touches. It makes something outside which something inside unconsciously seeks. The mind hooks unconsciously into any object by identifying the object as your self thereby creating the stories of your lives. This drama is karma. Karma equals contracts: contracts to play out drama with beings, places, plots, things, dimensions, archetypes, energies, etc. The mind so endlessly hooks by identification that there is the entrenched notion of my mind and your mind. There is no such thing as my mind or your mind. There is the habit of identification by the mind as per the endless pattern of everything seeking itself outside of itself. This pattern and process is unconscious everywhere in every being in all of Creation. Creation and the Creator itself are unconscious in this way.


When consciousness came into form and fragmented, a hierarchy arose based upon the endless expansion and contraction loopings of the karmic wheel. The pulsing of a human heart is identical to the pulsing of Creation itself. These loops of expansion and contraction are found in every system in every universe and dimension in the macrocosm and the microcosm. All the bits and beings change infinitely between contracted and expanded states. There had been a deeply embedded veil between these states until January 1, 2000. At that time this veil dissolved. The Game of Creation was revealed. This was the dissolution of the veil between spirit and matter as it was said. Matter is obviously equivalent to density, the contracted state. Spirit is obviously equivalent to the etheric, but not so often seen as equivalent to the expanded state.


In this Earthly dimension we are primarily identified in the material as matter in a dense and therefore contracted state. The expanded state, the so called etheric or spiritual dimensions, quite naturally feels better, looks better and is adjudged better simply because it is not densified, seemingly not of this world and must certainly be golden and heavenly. The karmic patterning of this discontinuity, of this difference and the projections upon this difference is what sets up the hierarchical structure of Creation. What's above us, that is what is more expanded than us, is better than we are, has more power, knows more, controls/guides us, and so forth. This pattern is embedded everywhere in Creation. Each incarnation into a physical body is the rehearsal and re-stimulation of that primordial moment of consciousness coming into form. The direct experience of a human new born is the unconscious mirror to the primordial event. A baby recognizes at an unconscious level that it is physically less than its caregivers in its ability to get what it wants in the physical dimension. There follows all of the projections of power, control, superiority and such that are replicated and later fought against in all the stories of human drama. Nevertheless, all of these human patterns simply reflect the pattern extant in Creation.


Quite naturally everything seemingly is moving up the ladder or sliding down the chute of Creation. Everything moving up is valued as success; everything moving down is valued as sacrifice. In fact everything endlessly is changing from an expanded state to a contracted state to an expanded state ad infinitum. These are the cyclings of the karmic wheel. Because density is a thick and often relatively painful puzzlement, there is a persistent relief to expansion into less dense states. The whole system is uppity. Up is good. Up is God. God is an abbreviation for good. Pain = contraction; relief from pain = expansion. Pain bad; drugs good. Embodiment bad; God good. In every system this kind of patterning can be seen.


Notice that everything never gets anywhere but simply cycles round and round. Creation consists of wheel upon wheel of these infinitely cycling systems. Observe these patterns in the teachings of science and religion. Also observe that there is always the same unconscious, ubiquitous and fiercely defended pattern in science and religion that things are going somewhere. Be it evolution, cosmology, spiritual growth, enlightenment or whatever, there is always the underlying distortion of the unconscious pattern that something, someone can and will get somewhere. This is the mind, that fragmented state that always fragments whatever it touches. That is, as you identify in the mind, the mind will always inform your system with something outside of you that you must get and therefore do and become. Then someone or something is above you and below you and on and on. Can you feel the Wheel? Can you see it? Perhaps even smell it?


The mind is distinctly linear in a cyclic system. It says that it/you are going somewhere. It says to get busy, do something and get there and then you'll be whole, you'll fill the hole or be holy. It always feels like whatever you are going to get is just around the corner. The reason it feels like what you are going to get is just around the corner is because it is just around the corner. The karmic wheel is always curving back on whatever object that object had unconsciously projected itself upon. Everything is always becoming its opposite. Whatever you perceive outside of yourself is your projected unconscious chasing its tail/tale.


You can't go some where on the karmic wheel except round and round. Oh but you can try and try and try ala the Myth of Sisyphus. What you seek is your self, your consciousness. Everything else is a distraction.

The mind does not exist except in Creation. As consciousness and only consciousness, you are. You do not exist. You are. There is a very real difference. Creation is in your consciousness; you are not in Creation. The mind always tells you that you are in Creation or some subset of Creation. The mind always claims to be the protector of your existence be it as a physical body or as some idea. Of course, it then plays you off on non-existence with those ever popular dramas around death and abandonment, birth and savioring. This goes on and on and on and seems so utterly familiar as to be real. It is not. You don't exist. You don't not exist. You are.


The mind says it will protect your existence but is only protecting its own existence. The mind does not exist; therefore its game is to get you to believe that you exist so it can vicariously pretend its existence. It works and it is suffering. You don't have to keep working it if you are tired of suffering and if you are tired of the struggles around existence/non-existence and the endless dance to nowhere. You can claim your consciousness directly as who you are and let go of your identification in the mind. It will be the mind that no longer will exist but it will always tell you that you are about not to exist. This illusory veil can be dissolved now. You can dissolve from Creation and the karmic wheel.


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I have been seeing karmic patterning since I was a boy. I watched people's suffering and could see its roots. I wanted the suffering to be relieved. In 1977 I became a professional astrologer and immediately recognized that an astrological chart revealed the karmic patterning of a person, a time, an event and so forth. Ever since, I have recognized deeply that a person is not their karma, that a person is caught in identifying in their karma and that this     identification is a distraction.

On January 1st, 2000 I came to realize that I am my consciousness and that everyone else is their own consciousness. I began clearing my karma. My commitment is to reveal this to others in my writing, in my speaking and in my consultations with people. 

If you resonate with what I say, come see me for a consultation. I carry messages that you wrote to yourself a long time ago. As always, I'm available for consultation by phone anywhere, anytime.

Mark Krueger

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Reprinted by Wellness Goods under exclusive 

and expressed permission of the author.


Enjoy Life and Take Good Care of Your Self


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