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Children at Risk

by Dr. Hulda Clark


A devastating report


In a report by the Environmental Working Group, the American Red Cross took umbilical-cord blood samples of 10 newborn babies and tested them for contaminants. The results were devastating. The tests showed that the babies? blood contained an average

of 287 contaminants, including methylmercury, DDT and chlordane.

Of the chemicals, 180 of them are carcinogenic in humans, 217 are toxic

to the brain and nervous system, and 208 are known to cause

birth defects.1


The wrong stuff


A child in America receives up to 32 shots and booster shots before the age of two. Some of these inoculations, including flu vaccines and the DT booster, contain mercury. Vaccines may also contain a great many toxins, including heavy metals, chemicals, microbes, and human and animal byproducts. For example, the MMR vaccine is allegedly mercury free but contains chick embryonic fluid, human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue, neomycin and sorbitol.2


Mercury rising


Vaccines are not the only source contaminating childrenís systems with mercury and other toxic substances. Your family dentist also contributes. If a childís cavities are filled with amalgam fillings (a combination of mercury, copper and silver), then he or she is in for trouble. A typical amalgam filling contains 250,000 mcg of mercury and releases 10 mcg of mercury per day.3.


A toxic world


Even if a child is never vaccinated and has no amalgam filled cavities, he or she will still be exposed to a host of toxins in the environment. Over half the population in the United States lives in counties that have unhealthful levels of ozone and particulate pollution. Pesticide exposure also represents a significant danger for the growing child as well as for everyone else. Diazinon, malathion, Dursban, Vapona, Orthene and Safrotin are easily absorbed into the skin, breathed into the lungs, or ingested in food.


Water, water, everywhere


Nor is our water supply free of harmful substances, even when treated. Pesticides, herbicides, PCBs and even pharmaceutical drugs have been detected in water issuing from water treatment plants. Some rivers and streams have been found to contain active ingredients from birth control pills, heart medications and antibiotics, as well as popular recreational drugs.


Formaldehyde, phenol, toluene Solvents are yet another hazard. Solvents are used in cleaning products to dissolve dirt, grease and grime. Some common solvents are formaldehyde, phenol, toluene, benzene and vinyl chloride. Long-term exposure to these chemicals may cause leukemia, heart arrhythmias and nerve damage.


Plastics and phthalates are found in plastic water bottles, food containers and plastic wrap. Pervasive and unavoidable, they damage the brain and the thyroid. They are potentially carcinogenic and also interfere with hormones and trigger

degenerative disease.


Undercover agents


While exposure to some toxins is unavoidable, others can be avoided by means of increased vigilance. These are the toxins contained in certain foods and beverages. Many processed foods contain undercover agents, harmful chemicals in the form of preservatives, emulsifiers, texturizers, humectants, ripening gases and bleaching agents. The latter are especially toxic, so toxic, in fact, that Germany has been banning bleaching agents in flour for nearly half a century.


Depleted soils


In the process of making commercial flour the wheat germ and the bran are removed out, thereby eliminating more than half of the nutrients. But there may not have been all that many nutrients present in the first place. Most of the wheat grown in the US is grown with artificial fertilizers in nutrient poor soils. According to the 1992 Earth Summit, the US has the worst soil in the world. Unfortunately, America is not the only country with poor soil. Mineral depletion by continent is as follows.4


North America - 85%

South America - 76%

Asia - 76%

Africa - 74%

Europe - 72%

Australia - 55%


Arsenic and rice


Rice grown in the US has been shown to have up to five times more arsenic in it than rice from Europe, India or Bangaldesh. The reason for this is that rice was grown on land previously used to grow cotton, where arsenic was used to kill boll weevils. Arsenic-resistant rice strains were then developed to prevent rice crops from dying in the arsenic-saturated soils. As a result the vigorous new strains are able to absorb far more arsenic, which is then passed on to the consumer.


Rocket fuel


Perchlorate (rocket fuel) has been found in organic milk in Maryland, in green leaf lettuce in Arizona, and in bottled spring water in Texas and California. Rocket fuel has also been detected in drinking water in more than 20 states. Perchlorate is also present in the Colorado River, which serves as the primary source of drinking and irrigation water for California and Arizona.


The Drive-Thru Diet


Finally, thanks to the enormously sophisticated marketing campaigns of the food giants, our children are becoming addicted at an early age to a drive-thru diet. If a child lives to become a typical American adult, he or she will consume an average of five cheeseburgers and four orders of fries each week. The drive-thru diet is high in sugar, salt and hydrogenated fats, as well as excitants- taste enhancers which have a negative nutritional value and are added for the sole purpose of promoting sales. One regular, non-diet soda contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar, phosphoric acid and often caffeine.


Survival strategies


From what we have said, it is obvious that todayís child, simply by virtue of being born, faces mountainous obstacles. He or she is venturing into a toxic world. The toxins, as we have seen, are ubiquitous. They are everywhere. We canít eliminate them at least not yet and we canít get away from them. So what can we do, and what can our children do? The hope for our childrenís health and their very survival lies in awareness, education and vigilance. We must educate ourselves and our children about toxins and how to detect, avoid and combat them. We must teach them about the benefits of detoxification, alkalinizing, far infrared energy, fasting, regular exercise and the consumption of organic foods.


In a far distant age, in the Paleozoic world, our ancestors lived in caves and had to deal each day with cold, hunger and ravenous beasts. But they survived, and we are the descendants of those courageous and resourceful early humans.


Today the dangers we face are far more sophisticated and devious than cave bears and saber tooth cats, but they are every bit as deadly. Nevertheless, with courage and resourcefulness, awareness and vigilance, we can and must, for our childrenís sake and for our own, overcome the perils that surround us. Until we can change this toxic world, we must learn to live in it, and to thrive.

There are more toxic element we could write about but due to FDA legal restrictions we can not speak about them since we sell supplements based on the protocols of Dr. Hulda Clark.


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