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Aromatherapy: The Key to Safety and Sanity in an Insecure World


by Claudine Martin-Yurth

It is already a household truism to declare we are living in an insecure world. Before September 11, most of us believed that being US citizens and residents gave us the luxuries of security, abundance and freedom. These notions were blown out in an instant when the terrorist attacks destroyed our feelings of invincibility with our own airplanes and buildings. 


Everyone is asking the same questions: “How can we be protected from this 

happening again?” I realize that the real 

questions are: “Who can we trust to protect us?” and “Have we ever been really protected from such deadly attacks?” and “Was it not just a matter of time?” and “How can we be protected from other attacks, either similar to those we witnessed a month ago or others, such as epidemic illnesses, whether they are caused by criminal actions or nature itself?”

The truth is that we have been asleep for a long time. We continue to live in the illusion that we can delegate the responsibility of our own well-being to others - to our government, to keep wars outside our own borders and make Americans very popular abroad; to pharmacists and doctors, to keep us healthy and eliminate all deadly viral diseases from the surface of the earth. The same is true for education, religion, even the way we feed ourselves. The results in most cases have been less than satisfactory. I want to examine here especially what we have done in terms of medicine. We know already that deadly viruses have found a way to resist manmade antibiotics through mutation. Many diseases such as smallpox, cholera, plague and tuberculosis are coming back in our country in a new form that leaves doctors powerless. This progression is worrisome enough as it is, but the urgency of such a threat is suddenly magnified by the possibility [we are told now] of such diseases being spread amongst us by criminal acts. This is quite a rude awakening. Who can we turn to? Who can we trust to protect us?

What is happening in our own culture now is that we are losing the trust we had placed in our science, our government, our values. My message in this article, which talks about self-nurturing, is that it is time to reclaim responsibility for our own health and well being by protecting and healing ourselves, our children and our pets. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, all those disease-causing pests are part of Nature. They actually play a very important role in the overall scheme of ‘how Nature works’. We cannot imagine a world without them, so why should we try to kill them, even if it was possible to do so? There is a way to live a healthy life here on this planet, sharing it with all other natural life-forms, just as there must be a way to live harmoniously with all human beings in all their varieties of cultures and belief systems, without throwing bombs at each other.

There is a principle which rules how Nature works which is known in physics as ‘complementarity’: For every aspect of Nature there exists an opposite, for every positive there exists a negative, for every material form there exists a non material wave form, for every local, linear event there exists a non-local, non-linear event. Consequently, it seems certain that for every disease causing agent there would exist a health causing agent right here, in Nature itself, without the questionable ingenuity of mankind.

Everything we need to be healthy exists in the vegetation on the planet. That’s what it is here for. Just think how the grasses and the trees were placed on the planet long before the presence of human and animal life, to support their existence in the form of food, to control the humidity and temperature levels in the atmosphere and much more. We use these substances for nourishment, for building shelters, for clothing and in their most intimate, exquisite, subtle form: the essential oils for protection and healing. This is how we can become partners with nature by reclaiming responsibility for our own well being.

Essential oils are contained in the very blood of Nature. They are at the same time material substances and non material frequencies. They carry the very essence of Nature. They are its intelligence. Even if the most advanced laboratories could artificially reproduce the chemical composition of an essential oil, they would produce an inert substance, incapable of acting like the natural product because it would lack the most important ingredient: the life force, the non-material intelligence, which knows what to do and where to go. Essential oils have many gifts which are impossible to reproduce artificially. At the substance level they are made of molecules so minuscule they can travel in the air as fragrances. They can penetrate tissues and membranes like no other natural or manmade substances can. Nature made them that way so that they can kill viruses and bacteria everywhere they are to be found, whether air-borne or inside animal cells. They are absolutely unique in this way. Moreover, not only can essential oils kill these unwanted invaders where ever they conceal themselves, they also prevent them from mutating. They are indeed our only effective [and economical] way to protect and cure ourselves from frightful and deadly epidemic diseases.

Essential oils have many other properties besides being antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Remember: oils are as much a non physical frequency as they are a chemical compound. Each oil is made unique by its frequency or wave form, which is therefore its signature. Every part of the human or animal body also has its own vibration, and it is not an accident that each frequency in a physical body has its corresponding frequency in one essential oil or another. By applying a specific oil to the body through inhalation or localized gentle massage, the corresponding organ or group of cell begins to resonate with the oil’s frequency. By this process the living cells become rejuvenated and healthier.

Indeed, essential oils are the most powerful of Nature’s gifts that ensure our well-being in this physical world, affecting us in so many ways. The definition of health is not just the absence of disease. The effects of oils on us are observed in the physical domain of our existence, as well as in the emotional, mental and spiritual ones.

On the physical level of our lives, essential oils assist us with their antiseptic, deodorant, muscle relaxant or stimulant, and cell regenerative qualities. They can regulate the blood pressure as well as the functions of all the organs of the body. On the emotional level, they provide relief as mood balancers and anti-depressants. On the mental level they help us think clearly. They stimulate the brain’s activities, especially its memory functions. On the spiritual level they help us connect with higher forms of existence as they keep us grounded.

The ways to use essential oils are very simple and natural. They do not require the assistance of another person or expensive equipment. In order to claim back our responsibility of our own health, all we need to do is to become familiar with a few selected oils with a wide spectrum of qualities. Oils are a lot like people - we do not need to be familiar with all of them in order to take advantage of their healing properties. We develop affinities for some, neglecting others. We create deep relationships with just a few which resonate with our personalities. We enjoy them mostly for their fragrances which we can diffuse in a room or inhale or absorb by adding them to massage oils and skin care products. I am a believer in self massage as a daily routine which allows me to apply my favorite oils on my skin, to get in touch with the parts of my body which need attention, etc. There is, however, something very special about receiving or giving an aromatherapy massage to another person. Essential oils have such a positive energy, such a power to heal body and emotions, that sharing them with an other person creates a bond between the two.

This is what I want to point out as a parting point: the extraordinary powers of essential oils and aromatherapy which can be used to positively affect our world. As I described earlier, they are the means by which we can reclaim our personal power and take responsibility for our own well-being. They also have the power to unite people together in a harmonious environment, to unite us with a better understanding of nature. Aromatherapy is a way to communion with Nature and appreciate its innumerable gifts with love and respect.


Art © John Piper


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