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The Ageless Body

by Chris Griscom

Ageless consciousness is a timeless state of mind, which includes and utilizes the body for its expression. The body is innately a fluid form in motion capable of profound and living peace. When the body reaches a state of liquid grace, there is a coursing of energy that pulses out from its very core, caressing the inner organs and bursting out into the auric field. This is a natural state for the body. If you let your body guide you and you simply move in any direction it pulls you, there will be a cessation of mind chatter. Since there is nothing outside the reach of an intuitive and creative mind, all things and feats are possible. In these eternal moments

 the mind and the body join and you are gifted the blissful energy that has been lost within you.


When you can rest awhile in the present and encourage yourself that it is enough for you, there comes a kind of peace that floods through the body and the mind ceases to scold and limit. Consciousness brings the mind into higher octaves of awareness that free the Emotional Body. As it is freed from the prison of its doubt and separation, it effortlessly floats up to the lighted realms where ecstasy and bliss reside. The Ageless Body bears a quality of emotions that are light and joyous, willing to experience ecstasy and the richness of life at any moment.


The Brain

How one interprets reality is very dependent on the quality of brain patterns which are either smooth flowing pulses, or chaotic, jammed channels, too filled with debris to support cohesive motion. The brain itself is over 90% water and is fed by cerebro-spinal fluid that washes through and around it. Knowing this can help you to be motivated in terms of keeping your brain fluids clear. At the Light Institute, each series of sessions includes a cranial. The cranial is a highly sensitive work that re-aligns all the bones and structures of the head and literally washes the brain by pumping the cerebro-spinal fluids. This activates the master glands and opens the consciousness by stimulating the pineal gland.

The water of the brain and nervous system is the most highly structured water in the body and is very sensitive to external electric and magnetic fields. It is important for you to know that the extremely low frequency (ELF) waves put out by your TV, hair dryer, computer and other household gadgets are very likely disrupting your brain fluids by altering the structured water, and thus the life force of the brain.




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