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About Us and You

Welcome to Wellness Goods


A Global Resource Center for Natural Living


Zen perhaps expresses it best :  “There is nothing to seek and nothing to find. You are already enlightened, and all the words in the world won’t give you what you already have. The wise seeker, therefore, is concerned with one thing only : " to become aware of what he or she already is, the True Self within."


Why Are We Here


Wellness Goods was founded nearly 16 years ago with a very simple idea; to be in pursuit of the wisdom to "Enjoy Life and Take Good Care of Your Self."™ 


Our Perception and Philosophy


We continue to believe there are many paths, or ways to go that will help to awaken us to this grand mystery that is our life. There is not just one way, but roughly seven billion ways and we believe the only place to look is within ourselves, and that what we are looking for is the greatness we already are . . . Our searching is about remembering, what we may have forgotten. 


A very wise friend, Christopher Wynter, continues to say, "What you are looking for, is what you are looking out of, which is what is looking for you." and, " the true teacher cannot teach you anything . . . but can only remind you of what, on some level . . . you already know." And Alan Watts reminds us that "Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be."


We deeply believe that humanity depends upon certain pioneers who choose to continually cultivate themselves and model what is inherently possible . . . these are the adventurous ones, the pilgrims, the true Brave Hearts, who seek continuously for the Self knowingness that brings liberation and freedom to the Universal mind. Such is the way of the often weary warrior seeking peace . . .a pathway home to the "One" heart. 


Our diverse article libraries reflect and mirror these expressions of what has always been, what already lies within. 


You may not agree with all of the words that you read here, or the ways in which they are strung together. You may in fact find that you have strong reactions to what may be others' ways of seeing and knowing. If that is so, perhaps it may be in the allowing of what at first seems foreign, that we will find a common vocabulary, a new language, one that will ultimately speak to the many minds, many Hearts . . .  We seek only to inspire, enhance and empower your own vision of peace and wholeness, whatever that may be. To this . . . we dedicate Our Journey. 


Our only intention is that what you will find here, may ignite your forgotten passions, and strike long ago silenced chords, revealing what has always been there, a deeply buried treasure, the pearls of your own knowledge and wisdom, awaiting you, as " YOU." 


Your comments, insights, perceptions and reflections are always welcomed. Please do let us know what is on your mind, in your heart, captivating your imagination. Please don’t hesitate to contact us 


Welcome and Enjoy ! 



Enjoy Life and Take Good Care of Your Self


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